Einstein’s lost theory

To be broadcast on BBC R4 (The Digital Human) 27/04/16

Einstein’s lost theory discovered…and it’s wrong

NPR (Morning Edition) March 20th 2014

Einstein’s evolving universe

PLUS Magazine, University of Cambridge,  26/03/2014

NASA’s warp drive experiment

RTE Radio 1 (Mooney Goes Wild) 18/1/2013

Discovery of the Higgs boson

RTE TV 1 (Six One News) 2/7/2012

The Higgs at last

RE Radio 1 (Drivetime) 2/7/2012

A possible sighting of the Higgs?

RTE TV 1 (Six One News) 2/2/2012

Faster than the speed of light? 

RE Radio 1 (Today With Pat Kenny) 18/11/2011)


The big bang, the God particle and the Large Hadron Collider

RE Radio 1 (Mooney Show) 26/02/10

The big bang – was Einstein wrong?

RE Radio 1 (Today with Pat Kenny, RTE 1) 9/11/2009

Climate is not Weather

RE Radio 1 (Drivetime) 10/7/2010

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